Is It Vegan?

The biggest struggle as a vegan was finding out that websites and organizations such as PETA, Choose Veg & Vegan Food Lover let animal derivatives slip under radar. The purpose of them doing this is because they don’t want veganism to be portrayed as extremely difficult or stray people away from a cruelty free lifestyle. Although it is true that taking meat, eggs and dairy out of your diet is ultimately saving more animals through supply and demand than being vegetarian or doing nothing at all –  if you’ve been vegan for a while I hope you would take concern in minimizing animal cruelty as much as practicable. Veganism is about doing everything that YOU can for animals, on your terms. I’m not some level 10 vegan telling you to check how the sugar in your food was refined or to take palm oil out of your diet 100% because that would be classist and unreasonable considering most peoples financial situations and or geographic locations. If you can afford to do this, props to you. This is an article dedicated towards avoiding animal ingredients and derivatives as a whole! 

Disclaimer: Everything on this list is claimed to have ZERO animal derivatives in the United States and the sources are the brands themselves. This list is 100% vegan by ingredient and in alphabetical order:

Annie’s Homegrown Organics We asked if the natural flavors in Annie’s cinnamon rolls were vegan, this is the response we received:

“Hello! Thanks for reaching out to us – Our Natural Flavors are derived from fruits and vegetables, never from animals. The cinnamon rolls do not contain animal ingredients, but they are made on shared equipment that processes milk.”

this means all of their egg and dairy free products are vegan friendly, such as their flaky biscuits and worchestire sauce, BBQ sauce, etc.

Duncan Hines We asked Duncan Hines about the skeptical ingredients in their dairy/egg free cake mixes and frostings, such as monodiglycerides, natural flavor and artificial flavor, this is the response we received:

“Hi Savanna – our mixes and frostings that do not contain egg or dairy in the ingredient statement meet the definition of vegan.”

Since I thought this was a bit unclear I asked them to elaborate… “How do they meet the definition of vegan, there are no animal derivatives? Their second response:

“Hi Savanna – the monodiglycerides in our products are not from an animal source and come from vegetable shortening. The natural flavors are not animal derived and the artificial flavors that make up 0.02% of the product is of non – animal origin. Thank you for your post -Monica”

Hershey’s We asked Hershey’s Chocolate if the natural and artificial flavoring in their dairy free products were derived from animals, this is the response we received: 

“Hi Savanna! The natural/artificial flavorings in our products are not from animals, hope this helps!”

Marie Callender’s Pie We contacted Marie Callender’s about the source of enriched vitamins such as Riboflavin, Folic acid and Niacin in their Dutch Apple and Cherry Crumble Pie, this was their response: 

“Hi Savanna – there are no animal ingredients in our Dutch Apple Pie or Cherry Crumble Pie. Thank you.”

Market Pantry We contacted market pantry about their Peanut Butter Crème Sandwich Cookies those are the ones at target that look like nutter butter’s – who won’t disclose their sources of enriched vitamins. This was target’s response: 

“Hi Savanna – Please accept my apologies in the delay of the response. The natural flavor is derived from peanuts and the artificial is synthetically produced vanilla. The riboflavin, niacin and folic acid are of non animal origin and required for enriched flour. No animal source is used in the making of this product. Thanks for your patience – Heather”

Pringles We contacted US Pringles in regards to the monodiglycerides in their potato chips and the natural/artificial flavor in their flavored varieties, this is the response we received:

“Hi Savanna – Thank you for contacting Pringles. The mono diglycerides in our products are derived from vegetable oil. Natural and artificial flavoring can be possibly animal derived, but is proprietary information and unfortunately unavailable to the public for confidentiality reasons.”

Smucker’s We asked Smucker’s if the natural and artificial flavors in their Marshmallow Artificially Flavored Topping were animal derived and this was the response we received:

“Hi Savanna! Although not formally certified vegan or vegetarian, this topping does not contain animal ingredients. We hope this helps!”

Sour Patch & Swedish Fish In the US, both are gelatin free. For Swedish fish make sure you purchase the reformulated ones with carnauba wax listed in the ingredients instead of gelatin. We asked if the natural and artificial flavors were animal derived, this is the response we received:

“Thank you for contacting us about our products! Your comments and inquiries are appreciated because they provide valuable feedback to our brands. There are no animal ingredients or alcohol in our Sour Patch or Swedish Fish products. Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We hope you continue to purchase and enjoy our products.”