Save One Animal –  1,100 Gallons Of Water, 20 Pounds of  CO2 Equivalent and 30 Sq Ft. Forested Land Per Day.  Good For The Animals, Good For The Earth And Good For Your Health!

How Factory Farming Contributes To World Hunger  Since animals are mass produced at such large numbers, it takes lots of grains to produce merely one pound of meat. In other words, meat and dairy production minimizes food surplus since 50% of the earths grains are fed to livestock that are bred at un-natural rates. If everyone took meat and dairy out of their diet right now, world hunger would be completely depleted and there would be enough grains to feed the world 14 times over.

Factory Farming & Climate Change 

  • Factory farms give off more emission gasses than all transportation in the word combined from all the machinery used for procedures and slaughter
  • Mass produced animals like cows also give off CO2 in their manure
  •  More land is cleared for crops grown specifically for livestock and factory farms than anything, so while they give off high amounts of cabon dioxide – they are also cutting oxygen supply
  •  Emission gasses get trapped into the atmosphere, causing earth to rise in heat
  • We need a stable greenhouse effect

Vegan products have advanced alot, there’s so many options to choose from now and you don’t have to give up the taste of meat or dairy with all of the replacements available!